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What to Expect at the Small Animal Hospital

When you are greeted at our front desk we will update your information, weigh your pet (cats generally are weighed in the exam room) and either have you take a seat in the waiting area, or escort you to an exam room if one is free. The front desk will take any urine or stool samples you have brought with you.

The technician will enter the exam room, become acquainted with your pet and obtain a short health history for the current visit. They will weigh your pet if not already done, and take their temperature.

Sometimes samples (blood or urine) are taken at this point, if requested by the Doctor. We often take pets into the treatment area to take these samples or perform procedures because they frequently are more compliant away from their owners; this makes collecting specimens safer for your pet and our staff. We also keep the lighting lower in the exam rooms to be more soothing, so bringing your pet to our brightly lit treatment area can also facilitate procedures.

The veterinarian will do a full or partial exam of your pet, depending on the reason for the visit. Please feel free to ask questions! Recommendations and options will be given for further diagnostics, treatment or routine health care. We can provide a written estimate for you detailing the cost if you desire.

Further testing or indicated vaccinations for your pet's lifestyle may be performed, and medications or prescriptions dispensed before you leave. Someone will get back to you with results when they are in and interpreted.

We love to give your pet treats! Please let us know if you don't want us to or if they are on a special diet and can't have treats.

Payment Options

Our office requires payment at the time of service. Forms of payment accepted are: Cash, Credit/Debit (Visa, Mastercard, Discover), and CareCredit.

Online Resources

There are many websites out there, and we know it can be difficult to find reliable information. Here are some websites we recommend for our clients.

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