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About Us

Small Animal Hospital


We provide preventative veterinary health care, a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment options, surgical services, dental treatments, vaccinations and client education. Our 5 doctors average 20 years experience apiece. They are supported by an educated and compassionate staff. All of our pet nurses are board certified veterinary technicians.

Small Animal Hospital entrance at night

Our History

How We Came To Be Known as "Small Animal Hospital"

The original Doctor that established the Veterinary Hospital in 1929 took care of the city carriage horses that delivered milk, pulled the fire trucks, and policed our streets before the domination of the automobile. Our older and wiser clients tell us the carriage house was located in the vicinity of Brady St. and Farwell Ave., near the old row houses.

One of the Equine Veterinarians with an eye on the future decided to start treating companion pets in a room of the carriage house. To distinguish this clinic from the horse clinic, they decided to call the pet portion of the business "Small Animal Hospital".

Small Animal Hospital was moved to 2163 N. Farwell Ave. (previously a laundry facility) and remained there until we built our current facility in 2003.

We have outgrown our room in the carriage house and the 100-year-old building that endeared itself to all of us for several decades. We have dedicated ourselves to continue to provide the same excellence in veterinary care, in the same neighborhood for the next generation.

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Pets We Care For

Common Household Pets: Cats & Dogs